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April 24, 2014


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Dear Rebecca... we are two ships passing in the night... but we both sail on this pilgrimage of love, opening to the opportunities that press themselves to our hearts... liked the clasped hands in your image, writing this history of love... XOXOXO


Oh what a lovely image, as if the statue is embracing itself, holding the love as close as possible! Such soulfulness in your haiku, Rebecca, as always. xo


yes yes

~~genius, this~~

i fall in love
at least 25 times a day ...

right now
this moment
i fell Hard for this photo
of hands crossed
over heart

{{ safe journey
dear one }}



Yes, I choose love. Always. Travel safely. xo


What a wonderful day to be with all of you!


Without soul, home is just a house.

Reading Pleasure

May love fill your days Rebecca!

Laura Hegfield

Beautiful dear Rebecca, wishing you a safe and fruitful journey.

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