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April 18, 2014


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This pulse is strong and ecstatic to find your invitation for our Friday ritual! I love this haiku... and I will take it to my dreams tonight and see what she has to show me... thank you Rebecca for today and all days that we share! XO


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!! It's now VERY early Saturday morning--but NEVER too late for haiku-ing our hearts!!!!!


You draw us in like a magical thought on a spiritual tide Rebecca. Your words wrap our hearts with love. I truly miss your post when Typebad acts up. (not a love and light to you.


I'm so happy you found that slender connection to the 'net! May the promise of Easter bring peace to your open and loving heart! Thank you for the loving words which flow from your heart each week!


I wondered if something more dire than Typepad rearing its ugly head had happened. I was hungering for your words this week. I am so happy it was nothing more serious. Have a blessed Easter, my friend.


I can imagine you are missing San Miguel this season. And YES sometimes we do need solemn reflection. My love to you dearest rebecca


Holy, Holy, Holy.
Mother Love and Sacrifice
Resurrection's light


thank you for the kind Easter wishes, Rebecca. I just returned from Easter Vigil, what a joy to see the faces of the newly baptized lit up with their love for our Lord! a blessed Easter is wished for you, dear friend.

peggy gatto

We were away and now posting my link and sending Easter blessings to all of you!


I too am late adding my link but the pulse of love lives on through time, space and any kind of weather!

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