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April 14, 2014


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Stunning. She taught you how to embrace life in death. What a gift to be able to give in the last of her days.


Love. With such tender fierceness... that is how I think of you. You are the soft place in my heart that despite everything, is beating at this moment... You are that simple declaration of today I will love. If nothing else, I will love and see and feel and meet this moment. Even when there is nothing else... Thank you Rebecca for this affirmation and so much more. I love you.


Beautiful post from a beautiful soul. I'm happy that you found someone who taught you the best gift in life. Hope you are doing well, thinking of you.

Kim Mailhot

Lovely loving gifts shared.
Beautiful, Rebecca.
Love and light, dear Heart.


Yes, oh, yes!

Hettienne Grobler

The world of blogging is an amazing lifeline and place of heart connection for many - your piece is an inspiration


oh how you write! loved your "to embrace the very edge of letting go". sending the flutter of angel wings .


What a blessing! to learn before it is too late to love fiercely, in spite of everything! Thank you for being you!


How wonderful that we are all connected in this age of technology and that one can offer another hope, consolation, and love. You are never alone, Rebecca. I know of many who love you. They come here all the time. xo

peggy gatto

Oh, so beautiful!
Thank you!
I know you are there for me!


Oh, how very beautiful are these words, what a treat to find them here when I come to visit. I sometimes curse but am more often grateful for technology, for its ability to connect our souls across the miles and the years.

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