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March 09, 2014


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And with dear friends like you in my corner I can only fly!
Much love!

Susan Fox

I'm reaching for the stars from my corner of the world, yes for sure I'm touching them here in paradise....x

Forest Dream Weaver

Rebecca your posts are always inspirational,this is indeed a magical place....thank you!

Have a lovely week,


beautiful captures


Teach me to fly!


Butterfly art is one of Mother Nature's prize winners. This was lovely.

karen gerstenberger

Such beautiful butterflies - and reminders of the potential for transformation. Lovely!


ah, I miss having a butterfly garden, such loveliness, dear Rebecca! thank you for sharing. I appreciate all the quotes. The first time I heard Einstein's quote about miracles, it nearly knocked me over. I wrongly presumed someone with such intelligence and intellect would consider he'd have no need of God. so happy to be wrong.

ms pie

tho I have no photo a most wonderful post that made my heart sing with joy to remember the miracle of dreams... thank you Rebecca.... ms pie

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