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March 02, 2014


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The sky is low today
A gun metal grey cannon
Speaking to those below

The birds are sheltering
Squirrels run for cover
No leaves bloom yet for protection

Ice may visit; dangerous ice
Shelter preparation continues
Prayers ascend for safety from
The Storm

Susan Fox

I love coming here to find out synchronicity has been at play, yet again! That the universe keeps joining us together by threads of love in our Sister Circles....Hugs xxx

Forest Dream Weaver

So so beautiful Rebecca.....thank you!

Have a lovely week,


Reading your amazing verse nearly made me cry. I am not sure why. However, I did start my day with a discussion on a book that Father gave our parish for Christmas. Perhaps since i've been trying to make myself open to God's making a change in me, that this touched me even more. I love your openness. Thank you, dear Rebecca for being you.


Cupped hands don't seem like much, but they can hold a universe of love!


i especially luv the poetry in your words of invitation to inhale of thankfulness

i'm always happy when you stop over at my blog
Thanks (◕‿◕。)

much love


did you write that prose? it really touched my heart!

Laura Hegfield

"sometimes we are nothing more than

cupped hands at dawn

hoping to catch the light." Rebecca, may I add your words to the quotes on my blog? This touches me in such a deep place.

Lady Fi

Beautiful heart photo!

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