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March 30, 2014


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yes indeed...there are things that need my attention
my compassion

thank you for this gently reminder

and as I think of you dear one, I see you have already reached out to me.


Susan Fox

I have always been drawn to the mystery of shadows, and wondered why? I think the relevance is now emerging day by day... Whenever I see your shadow image it conveys to me the whole of you as far as I am aware, the beauty of your mysterious life, the fortune and misfortune...thank you for connecting to my heart...hugs x


how synchronous is your post, dear Rebecca. yet your attitude soars above mine when faced with misfortune of any kind. yes, Toko-Pa did speak to me- loudly and clearly. so I am taking her words to imprint upon my brain. thank you, dear Muse.


As the light grows... so do the shadows... all day today, I have been reaching for compassion. I ask that I may have the courage to embrace all of me. All of me. I love you so and keep looking for you out my window... wondering when you will walk through my front gate into my open arms... XOXOXO


This is probably the most poignant and powerful post I have ever read here.


dearest soul, just curious to knowmif you signed up for that workshop we talked about. i think it isnthe best online workshop out there at the moment. go for it and blow us away with your paintings.
sending sweet thoughts.

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