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March 23, 2014


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You know how much I long to "come away with you"!


oh...makes my heart sing...
did Deb photoshop you in the Frida image or is this something you all created on your last trip?

heart warming and fulfilling...every last drop


Thank you for sharing your Mexico with us Rebecca,your posts are always inspiring and delightful.

Have a lovely week!


{{{{ oh oh
oh !!
my postcard today features
my most recent Fabulous workshop
with you !! }}}}

come see

& i WANT to do
ALL these workshops
with you, dear one ...
{{ but
cannot this year }}


2015 ??????



artmusedog and carol

By your photos and others you certainly make Mexico very alluring with all its colors and creative workshops ~ xxx

something to ponder ^_^

artmusedog and carol


Such beauty and the excitement of it all.:)

Lisa JonesMoore

Longing to be in San Miguel, with you againRebecca...(really, I never left!).

River Garden Studio

Dear Rebecca, Oh, what a magical post about San Miguel and your offerings this year. I can't wait to be making art with you in the courtyard in San Miguel and to guide and teach all that I love in my workshop, Book of Wanderings for a beautiful week together. Thank you so much for being our host and I am sending you love!

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