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March 25, 2014


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Susan Fox

This is so true, catching up on what we are. I like this idea very much, gives us space to grow with the days until full bloom like your beautiful flower...

Thank you for posting...
Hugs x


The long process of catching up to all we are has made a beautiful life for me.

Lisa JonesMoore



I continue to try and catch up. Beautiful prayer. Good day to you Rebecca. Have a wonderful evening.


What a lovely meditation! Thank you for sharing these words today! It is exactly what I needed to read! Blessings!


made me weep! so so true. if only we all could get this message. and as you said to me on instagram, you are an inspiration to ME, in moremways than one. It is a gift we met, not online, but in the corazon of corazones!


in some ways, this troubles me because at my age, I wonder upon what I truly am trying to catch.


indeed...thank you so for sharing...

Karen Gerstenberger

I have never seen this before, but once read, it evokes a deep, "Ah - yes!"

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