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March 14, 2014


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A curtsey now and then? Why not? ;)


Ah a curtsy... and then a dance with the moon! I love the image this created for me! Thank you!


Walking forever will surely flatten my tummy. I love how the moon sounds after 'virtuous.'

Laura Hegfield

all of us bathed in the light of love… yes, yes, yes… breathe it in Rebecca dear.


soaking in the milky moon light
and much


oh that is so beautiful - love love love


Happily I remember when we walked under the moonlight together.

Reading Pleasure

lovely imagery, Rebecca

Susan Fox

Moonlight dreaming, dancing and curtsying, magical moments made for love....x


your haiku, post and these comments refresh my memory as to why i love to visit here...xo beauty abounds, light rebounds and i am bound...nice to 'see' you again



The moon is so full here... with words and love and intent. Yes. To your invitation to dance this ebb and flow... All my love and such appreciation for our haiku circle. XO


I do love moonlit nights, although I must admit I enjoy the warm, summer ones much more than the frosty winter evenings! Such a pretty picture you have given us, both with your photo and your words.

artmusedog and carol

alway a delight to come here with your inspiring haiku and photography ~ Happy Weekend ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

ms pie

the moon has such an incredible presence... when I feel an odd pull I look up and say ohhh... that's right... the moon.... here is my contribution to Friday's heart....

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