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March 21, 2014


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Glad to be here for the gathering and crushing! ;)


{{ i have
waited for this sweet season
and waited
and waited

and watched ...

i have high hopes for Her }}

PS--dear one,
so good to Be back here
in my Haiku Home



Love seeing these blossoms, Rebecca, and especially yesterday's post. We're still waiting for signs of spring here in the frozen North (another inch or two of snow in the forecast for tonight - bah, humbug!) but clutching tightly to the hope brought by the advancing calendar!


Sigh...beautiful sign of spring


There is so much light here in the desert.... I am finding colors in new and subtle ways... And thank you for your bouquet of words and image! Xo

Mark M. Redfearn

A glory song! How lovely is that?!

Reading Pleasure

So glad for you that Spring has finally done. Light and love after the gloom.

artmusedog and carol

Ah, wish Spring were in MA ~ lovely post ~ happy weekend ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol


Happy Spring to you Rebecca! Lovely post.


so beautiful are the pastels of spring! Friday brought warm temperatures; today is cold once again to prove that we recognize it is still March in Indiana.

peggy gatto

Happy to be here with you all!!!


such a delightful harbinger of spring! I'm still waiting...for more than green shoots, but if I were a blossom around here, I too would wait for warmer air to surround me.

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