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March 24, 2014


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Margaret Lambert

This constricts my throat and makes my eyes burn. In a good way.Yes. Everything is connected, as it should be. xoxo


This is so sweet Rebecca. This is prose at its finest. This is, again, your heart showing.

Susan Fox

I am always in awe at your gift of words, they are beautiful offerings poured out on behalf of your friends, like these delicate Wisteria blooms that also grow abundantly in my garden, they flourish under the summer sun, just as the sweetest friendships bloom when tended with loving care... I am grateful for such a friend... x


I find myself filling with hope when I read your magnificent outlook of each of us being connected across the seas.


I hope you make a beautiful book of your posts someday

Laura Hegfield

So beautiful Rebecca, I love that it was posted on my birthday, even though it wasn't written for me… it could have been. We are all so blessed to have you in the world.

Karen Gerstenberger

This is profound. It made me think immediately of the physicians (and physicians-in-training) who I am meeting in "The Healer's Art" course at the UWMC. Thank you for sharing with us.


Your love notes... are forever pressed into my heart... XO

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