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February 16, 2014


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Deb Taylor

the light always enters me right straight thru my heart, even on a cloudy day !!

Susan Fox

I am super light sensitive, so wherever it is shining, I will always detect it, then it entwines with my inner glow and we dance! x


The light here is so warm, so familiar. Lately I've been discovering a new quality of light, a light found in the glow of snow and ice and fog. It's filtered light and though not warm, warms my heart.


I hear you
the pairing down...right to the light

your words are always a place to find light and love and warmth Rebecca.



Even cupped hands can do miraculous things in this strange and wonderful world!


I read this post 3 times...
just so, so very beautiful
and thought-full.
Your words have entered a place
inside and I will be turning
them over in my mind as I paint today.
♥ ♥ ♥

Hettienne Grobler

such a beautiful postcard and post today Rebecca. I am sorry to hear about Mexico and its increasing prices. As it is the Rand is at its weakest against the dollar that it has been for many years - so I will have to wait it out in any case. love Hettienne


Once again, your lyric light touches my heart and makes my imagination soar.

Laura Hegfield

Oh Rebecca this is so beautiful. When I are you going to gather your writings and put together a book?

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