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February 23, 2014


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well good morning my dear…came here to post and see that you read my mind.

BOTH these artists…oh my, no words.

perhaps perhaps, one day again.
did you receive a Cuban Guadalupe per chance?


oh, my, such loveliness! I would be in heaven to accompany you to your Mexico. I cannot picture a painting in my head; I admire those who can. But I imagine that going there would open the way to countless photographic opportunities not accorded elsewhere.


following those yearnings to be with you in Mexico... will fill the heart in ways never before imagined... such incredible art... such incredible invitations... XO


Oh Rebecca, that bird is just spectacular. I love red birds and the blue wings here convey and feeling of holiness. The red is for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the blue for His Mother's embrace, and the wings the Holy Spirit.


had to stop by to share since i just came back from oaxaca and totally fell in love again with it. i am planning to go every year from now on, just so much art, so much life, so much color. I HEART MEXICO too.

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