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January 17, 2014


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Lovely photos...take my breath away. I can just imagine the day's dreams. Thank you!! Wishing you well!

Reading Pleasure

Wonderful light!

Wabi Sabi

Good morning! Your light shines, as always, on my Friday! Thank you!


Don't you just love the reflection of a full moon on the water? Such a beautiful photo, thank you for that!

Laura Hegfield

we never know… thanks for this encouragement to embrace each moment as a gift.

Anthony North

Beautifully put.

Mark M. Redfearn

Becoming light is not always an easy task...

Kim Mailhot

Once more, I visit and find myself on the same page as you, Dear Heart ! Loving fiercely and regardless of the fear and vulnerability that may come with it.
Love to know you bright heart is there dancing, living, loving each precious moment !
Big love to you !


Such good advice in your words today. If only we could all follow our dreams, dance whenever, and embrace the light of love. Maybe just being grateful one day at a time will work.

artmusedog and carol

Lovely haiku affirming 'light is us' ~ Gorgeous moon photo ~ carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)

peggy gatto

Sounds good to me!!!!!!!


Moonlight becomes us for sure. So lover-ly.


"love fiercely and haiku forever" just perfect

much love...


Its Saturday 18th and the Seventh Anniversary celebration at my blog; please stop by celebrate with me

much love...

Heena Ahuja

Wonderful (Y)

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