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January 23, 2014


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How did you ever know that I needed to post my Friday haiku my heart today? How did you know that this practice of letting go of fear is the mantra of my heart? How did you know that our meeting here in cyberspace would kindle the flame of my heart... again, and again, and again... because Rebecca... like the lotus of your painting... you live and breath and practice this art of being every single moment of every single day. I love you so dearly my friend... XOXOXO

Karen Harvey

'this paring down, letting go,' such a wise words. I used to try so hard to do it all, be everything to everyone in this busy world but less is so much more.


That is such a beautiful painting, Rebecca, as are the words you wrote to go with it. I too am seeking to let go, as well as the mindfulness that goes with it!

Laura Hegfield

Indeed Rebecca, letting go and letting go, falldowngetupfalldowngetup, no inside, no outside, when we remember these truths we come into alignment and see the essence of everyone and everything is loveā€¦and we feel oneness. Your painting is so very beautiful. Have a blessed week.


~~ letting go~~
that i might
away ...



Oh, I can see me standing on the shores of the lake and watching the stone skip across the water. So very uplifting and bringing joy!!! Thank you!!

Wabi Sabi

letting go
to embrace what is left
the essence

Thank you for reading what is in my heart so well!

artmusedog and carol

Always beautiful and divine words and photos here ~ thanks,

carol, xxx

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