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January 10, 2014


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Laura Hegfield

"In that bright unfastening and everyone i have ever known

is a star in the lightening sky." oh Rebecca… thank you for your kindness, for you ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything… what a blessing you are.


thank you for brightening each Friday!


With you I welcome both the sunrise and the cloud dwellers!


Good morning my bright moment always! This morning beckons us... to travel amongst the words and offerings here. Thank you for this invitation of the heart... Thank you for being a part of the constellation of stars that guides me each and every day... XO

Wabi Sabi

Thank you for sharing both your warm spirit and the warmth of your sunrise! I woke to fog this morning so it warmed me to visit you!


~~hope is a sunrise~~

dear one,
so right

then if so ::
faith is a sunset,
don't you think ??

each evening
we close our eyes
with faith,
hoping against hope,
the sunrise will arrive ...

and here we are,
good morning !!

artmusedog and carol

Love the idea of a sunrise being hope ~ tis true ~ lovely haiku ~ carol, xxx

Thanks for visiting and commenting ~ carol, xxx

peggy gatto

Both are beautiful!

Reading Pleasure

Lovely, as always. A happy and blessed New Year to you Rebecca!


Sunrise indeed!!! How very beautiful!!! Wishing you a grand weekend!!


Your Friday sunrise makes me look forward to each Friday with pleasure and anticipation, to visit each haiku participant and feel their life through their word. Thanks, Rebecca. xo


Thank you for sharing this sunny image today, it was very grey all day here where I am (but very mild, thank goodness! The snow is melting and I am pretending it is spring!)

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