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January 31, 2014


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So glad to see you here this morning! I wasn't sure that you would make it, so I invited others to join last week's linking. Be blessed in all your comings and going, Rebecca!


There is just nothing like that light!

Bloom True you lovelies!!


This Arizona wind... blows you kisses, lots of them... all things golden and blessed to you my sweet Rebecca! I love you!!!! XOXOXO

Susan Fox

The next best thing to Being there with you is to see it through your eyes and heart ~ I'm a Believer!...x

Reading Pleasure

Receive your miracle, dear Rebecca.


Beautiful!! Lifts the soul just a bit higher!!

Tami Chacon

so beautiful . . . love that light!

peggy gatto

GOOD morning!!!
Have a beautiful friday
.....and sat., sun and on

ms pie

abundance of expected miracles who waits in light... already I feel soooooooooo much better....!!! thank you...

ms pie

I did put my link in but don't see it so put it in again... still don't see it so sorry if it comes up twice...


Beautiful, light-filled post. Wishing you the miracle that is every day!!


Wishing you golden days, you ARE all things good and true.


trading places with god could not be a better place to be, unless you were there by his side!!! xoxo


Good evening, Rebecca. The cold wind of Missouri (our temporary home) sends are warmest greetings to you.


Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the golden heart of San Miguel, where I left a piece of my heart a few months ago!


Ah your travels like Stephanie's are just awe inspiring. Love your Haiku. Happy February to you and I hope you are doing good.

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca..indeed you made it... well two haiku ..for HMH and favourite visit and bless...


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