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December 02, 2013


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Here is a wonder: The well never runs dry!

Hettienne Grobler

Oh yes such mystery and wonder : the old stale mind are baptised with her love and the ordinary appears as if magical! what a breathtaking statue!!!!


She is always with us where ever we are. have a wonderful day Rebecca. Beautiful statue.

peggy gatto

She is a beauty. Hail Mary!

Susan Fox

I stumbled here by chance, each year I make the pilgrimage back 'home'....x

Fran aka Redondowriter

You are our Mary leader, our inspiration, our facilitator to find the divine feminine and celebrate our own. Thank you, thank you.

Laurie Zuckerman

Woke up to see this beautiful Mary on my computer screen. I can't wait to meet her and photograph her myself, in your company. Meantime, I am resharing a less beautiful Mary (if that is possible?) on my blog, another star of the World Heritage Site of Atotonilco.


stupendous and unique Mary statue! well suited for your inspiring words, dear Rebecca.


I never think I have anything to contribute when Virgin a Day rolls around and yet I find I can't stop blogging about it!

Wonderful entry, Rebecca.


I am late today... even though thoughts of Mary have been with me all day. I am struggling to breath through learning of our Joe's death. All the ways that our circles entwine and the ways that he brought the feminine to us in his own unique way. Because of you Rebecca, I have some amazing friends here in cyber land that mean as much to me as my friends in the flesh... it is gold indeed...

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

What a divine representation of Mary! She is breathtaking as are your words.

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