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December 22, 2013


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wow, what a unique candelabra! we are always in need of light, both inward and outward.


with love and light
and all my might
holding on tight

Susan Fox

Shine on, shine on in the most beautiful of seasons, love & light...x

Forest Dream Weaver

What a fabulous candelabra!
I've just bought some "miracles" incense and it smells divine. I think miracles are always waiting there for us when we are ready to receive..... and believe....the difficult part!

Wishing you love,light and happiness during the Festive Season and in the coming year.


Your "tree of life" is beautiful. I just learned about them last night watching Arts Plus on PBS about Christmas in San Antonio. Now, I want to paint one!

Laurie Zuckerman

Unbelievable Arbol de Vida, Rebecca. I hope that this beauty is lighting up your home. Tell me it is yours, so I can drool with envy. I made my own Tree of Life, not as beautiful, when I was about 10. My mother loved it and always kept it in her living room. Forty years later when she died, I hastily threw it into her dumpster, shattering it into a million fragments of paint and plaster. It reminded me too much of her life and my childhood. Someday I will find a real one like yours and reclaim those memories.

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