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December 03, 2013


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Bon voyage, Joe, bon voyage!


Rest In Peace Spadoman! I did my post Rebecca but can't link, sorry about that. Thanks Lisa for linking me up yesterday. Very sorry to hear about Joe. I visited his blog from time to time. Rebecca your post is a wonderful tribute.


Pax Vobiscum Joe Spado Spadoman. Artist extroidinaire, rider of the wind...

Thank you Rebecca for bringing us all together in so many ways... and again today in honoring Mary and Joe and the beauty of the feminine in us all...

I love you!

Forest Dream Weaver

Beautiful post Rebecca - thank you!
Thanks also for prompting me to take part. I was going to pass as I was "too busy",however Spirit has other ideas - so here I am,winging it again!!
I think this means "with angelic help".

Have a lovely day!


I was very sorry to hear of Joe's passing - this is a lovely tribute to him, Rebecca.

Fran aka Redondowriter

A beautiful tribute to Joe. In the book I Never Sang for my Father there is a quote that Ira Progoff also used in his journal workshops. It is, "Death does not end a relationship." Though we have lost Joe he is still with us. My deepest condolences to his family and friends and to all of us in the cyber community where he enriched all our lives. It's so good to read his words here.


Thank you for this honor to Joe. Many of
us met and connected with him here at
Recuerda Mi Corazon. He is will be
greatly missed.


What a perfect tribute to our friend, Joe. We will miss him so much. Pax Vobiscum, Joe. Always.

peggy gatto

I am so so sad--
I can't say more
maybe later
sending love

Kim Mailhot

I connected to Joe through the sweetness of Haiku my Heart. We became pen pals of sorts and I loved his friendship dearly! I will miss his presence here on Earth but his beautiful spirit lives on...
Love and peace, Man. Love and peace, Rebecca, and thank you for having created this place of connection. Xoxo


Thoughts and prayers ascend for Joe's family and friends. May their heartache be comforted by happy memories and infinite love.


Barb, as you read these comments I am sure you will see how your Joe touched us all with his wit and wisdom.

Thank you Rebecca for bringing us together in honor of Joe.

You will be missed my friend...



Wabi Sabi

Spadoman - you will be missed! I will remember Joe's family in my prayers. May they be comforted, knowing he touched so many people with his wonderful stories and his, always kind, words!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

Saying goodbye is never easy, but we have no choice. Although I wish God had granted him more time here, he did give him all that he needed. My life is so much richer and meaningful because of Joe's mark.



Thank you for this beautiful memorial to Joe whose life and friendship to each of us will always be remembered and for the loving energy that emanates from all of your words and actions and ties us all together as one family though we are far apart and some of us have traveled home.

Susan Fox

To hold hands across the ocean is such a comfort at times like this...
although this is cyber-space it feels like we sit next to each other, which in reality we do.

Hugs xxx

Reading Pleasure

Joe touched our lives in more ways than one, Rebecca. It is indeed a tragic loss. May he find eternal peace in the Lord.


I simply can not find the words.

Dawn @ AlterEgoMexicana

I loved Joe without ever meeting him. May his soul rest in peace. May his family know how much he was loved!


I was so sad to hear of his passing ~ This is a lovely tribute to him ~

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