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December 24, 2013


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Lisa s

What an absolutely beautiful heartwarming and heartfelt and filled with love.
Happiest and peace filled holiday to you.

Kim Mailhot

Lovely, lovely and yes, tender Christmas memories. Beauty in making then and revisiting them.
With you and your dear ones a loving, peaceful, memory making time, Beautiful Heart! Merry Christmas!

Laurie Zuckerman

Such wonderful and sweet Christmas memories. I hope your holidays are as simple and joyful as you hope them to be. It is wonderful to meet your dear Adrian and learn about the tender moments in your lives. Love to you all!!


What a precious memory and even more precious discovery. So tender and loving, just like Christmas is meant to be. Merry Christmas, Rebecca.

Susan Fox

I thought of you, your home and lights this morning, we rarely get a glimpse, but this lovely post greeted me again and made my heart so cheery seeing and hearing about the things of treasure to you. If I read this story every Christmas eve/day I would never tire, I am enchanted! Reminds me of the loving stories my dad would tell me as a child, I would say to him "tell me again dad go on"!

Hugs to you...x




Believing in the magic of delight,
xoxoxo lulu
p.s. all the happiest to you and your family in 2014, Rebecca! xoxo

Wabi Sabi

Beautifully expressed! Merry Christmas to you!

peggy gatto

Merry to you!!


Dear Rebecca,
all the little things that make us believe in wonder,
all the little things that have been with me too this week,
these are the things that make us whole.
thank you.

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