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December 10, 2013


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A blessed journey to San Miguel de Allende, Rebecca!


Travel safely Rebecca.


While I have missed posting here this season, finding Mary in my travels and in my heart all along the way and thinking of you. Wishing you a sacred trip to
San Miguel with my LOVE.

Hettienne Grobler

words fall like rose petals from you lips Rebecca! a blessed journey to you and those travelling with you!!


Safe travels, my friend. I'm sure you and Billy will have a wonderful time in SMA as always, have a margarita for me, won't you?!


Safe travels to you! I'm so happy to have joined in again today.

Dawn @ AlterEgoMexicana

This is quite possibly my favorite Mary of all times...her face says it all, no?
Be safe in your travels to San Miguel at this most joyous of times, and have the best trip ever, as you enjoy new adventures and friends. You will all be in my thoughts constantly!


oh, this image of Mary is stupendous, even with the loved and worn away segments of her!
vaya con Dios, Rebecca and other travelers to San Miguel.

peggy gatto

Travel safe and return with stories and images.
I enjoyed exploring the images of Mary in old masters paintings.
Always discovering !

Fran aka Redondowriter

You are now in San Miguel de Allende and I assume you've posted the last two days of our Twelve Day of Mary before you left. Even with wi-fi everywhere these days, I assume you will be very busy. Such a beautiful image from many different angles. I feel like I'm home and a peace comes over me looking at it. Have a great trip.


Wishing you all a beautiful time together... celebrating these days of Mary in San Miquel de Allende... allowing us to prepare together for your journey... enriching our lives in so many ways... thank you sweet Rebecca of my heart. XO


Wishing you a safe trip, great joy and satisfaction, and a safe return home. All under the protection of our beloved Mother, of course.

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