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December 05, 2013


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Dearest rebecca,
I think that I recall these astoundingly beautiful images and some of these gracious words from a post that you wrote for Joe when he was in the hospital in December of 2011. I believe that we were of the same mind. I found the one that I had written for him. It seemed strangely fitting and I changed it for this occasion of fond and deeply sad farewell. Thank you for your exquisite celebration of Joe's life and the depth of his spirituality and goodness.

Susan Fox

Amen, a deep amen. x


I was so hoping that you would title today's post exactly as you have. Thank you for this grace, this act of love. I enter into this day with joy in my heart, knowing that many are cheering Joe on as he journeys in a place we have never seen, with his eyes open and filled with wonder. I imagine that he's writing thoughtful little comments and pressing them into the hands of his guides along the way. ;)


I was sorry to hear of Joe's passing, I had only just started to read his blog as a result of these Friday haikus, I shall have to go back and read more, he seemed like a very special person. As I read your lovely post this morning, Rebecca, I thought of him and Nelson Mandela, about whom I wrote this morning, and how your words could easily apply to both. Perhaps they have already met in the great beyond.

Andrea thompson

I didn't know about Joe's unexpected passing, i am in tears now, having gone back and read your other post and the comments. I am lucky enough to have one of his dream catchers and to have "talked" with him in emails. He will be missed......


Oh... I didn't know of Joe's passing :( He was so lively, kind and sweet with his comments on my posts two weeks ago; even went to my other blog and chatted there too. Sad sad sad; I'm going to miss him lots. My heart is heavy. Thank you Rebecca for such a wonderful tribute for Joe Spadoman!

Ramesh Sood

He will be missed for sure....always encouraging... well his "Light" merges with the "eternal light"..and hasn't it all become a lot brighter.. I am sure he lived a full life and was fully alive when the last breath came and he crossed over.. He is out there..or may be that is the real "inside" and we are out here.. well.. my tribute in the form of a haiku...which I have started already thinking..


artmusedog and carol

Rebecca ~ beautiful photos and words in tribute to Spadoman ~ I feel the void of his absence but know his Spirit lives on in beauty and peace. ~ love, carol, xxx

Dawn @ AlterEgoMexicana

Joe will surely be missed by so many people...lots of whom he probably didn't even know of. He struck me as a man who was in touch with his feelings and who could, and did, express them in his writing. He felt totally real...something sweet and refreshing in today's world...something that is so very rare.
I wish him many motorcycle adventures in the great beyond. We love you Joe!


{{ oh that joe !!

2 times
we came so very close
to being in the Same Place ...

i will need
to Wait ... }}

dear rebecca
of how you brought
so many of us together
how you always say ::
"It is so hard
to let go ..."


such a wise man - I so loved his posts. He is with his loved ones even now.


noelle told me about joe's passing, and i came over here to read this, your beautiful remembrance of him. may all whom he loved and who loved him, be comforted.


The simple words he requested:
"Too bad, he was a nice guy"


sad and happy at the same time...
I feel his presence here.
Thank you
and again
for always.


As SPF's says...we came close to crossing paths in the real world as well. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend.

peggy gatto

Tears flow and flowers grow....

Kim Mailhot

Missing Joe. I know he would so love this haiku gathering in love for him. I feel like I have a new guardian spirit hovering lovingly around me.
Thank you for this beautiful celebration and remembrance of our friend, Lovely One.
Love and Peace to you !

Fran aka Redondowriter

I only knew Joe through Rebecca's blog and never met him, but he did seem like a renaissance man, as she described him. I loved hearing about his travels and how he felt about things and his deep spirituality. My heart ached when he spoke about his late daughter. The last comment I received from Joe was during Day of the Dead and he actually talked about his own ofrendas over the years when he saw a photo of mine. I'm very honored to post today for Joe and, Rebecca, your words and images do him proud.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

A more appropriate tribute could not be said than what you said here. I am, once again, rendered to tears. Tears of love to have been so honored to have had Joe Spado touch my life in such a profound way. And, boy! What a haiku writer he proved to be! I think he surprised himself.
Thank you for doing this in honor of our dear, sweet Joe.



thank you Rebecca... for having us meet, all of us here, honoring our Joe, in all these directions... How fortunate we are to have each other, these small words and moments of celebrating Mary together... XO


Thank you Rebecca, for this wonderful tribute post for Joe and for adding my link to the list. It is Sunday morning here in The Netherlands and I dedicate this morning to Joe, visiting all the names/friends from the list... sending my love!

Laura Hegfield

I was out of town and only this morning am learning of dear Joe's passing. He once sent me a long message, several chapters from his book of life. What a remarkable human being. We are all so deeply blessed to have been touched by his his light.

man of kindness rest
in the nest of light you wove
wrapped in peace sweet soul

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