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December 27, 2013


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Wabi Sabi

What a wonderful expression to carry into the new year! I will remember to 'marry each moment,' embracing this one life with joy and abandon! Thank you.

Laura Hegfield

"reassuring circles...

as we fumble in between each miracle,

so hesitant

at the door of mystery." Oh Rebecca. thank you for this. Wishing you a wonder-filled New Year.


I Believe


much love...


I love your use of the word marry today. It is particularly apt for me as our home approaches a wedding, a joining and uniting of two families. We are at 30 hours and counting.


Yes, to marrying each moment and to open to love and to all the fumbles in-between that open my heart wider and wider as does this practice of coming here and joining with you Rebecca and our haiku circle. Thank you from the depth of me for this canvas you lift for us each week. It means the world to me, as do you. XO


Savor San Miguel
I am completely ready
Tasting you and me


I like to believe I am made for love, thank you for the reminder, dear Rebecca! What a lovely message to carry forward into the coming new year.


I love your expression of "marry each moment." I will definitely try to do that! My day today was full of family and loving of each one to the other. What more could a mother want?
Happy third day of Christmas, dear Rebecca.

Susan Fox

I'm a believer,
fueling my wings with love for
two thousand fourteen...x


lovely intent to begin a new year...


artmusedog and carol

Yes love is the key for the world ~ maybe they will understand some day ~ many do ~ you do ~ thanks for being you ~ Happy New Year coming to you soon ~ carol, xxx


Better late posting than never! Happy New Year, Rebecca!

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