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December 12, 2013


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Our Lady of Guadalupe is special to me too. I pray to her daily for our community which even though I live in Nebraska is 90% Latino in our schools. I prayed to her when I was on the school board and the schools had 3 failed bond elections to build a new school. When I prayed to Our Lady, the bond passed and even our new school has been added on to. I also have been given the gift to visit the Shrine for Our Lady of Guadalupe which is in Lacrosse Wisconsin three times.
Thank you for hosting the link up event for allowing me to participate!


That percentage of Latino in your schools is unimaginable to me, being your state is so far from the border that connects our nation from Mexico.


Rebecca, another journey with you and other devotees to Our Mother is ending today. I am in awe of people like Juan Diego who have the courage to speak about one's encounter with the Virgin Mary. Thank you for hosting these 12 days. And may God protect you and each of those who journeyed to San Miguel while you travel.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Well, thanks to you, we have completed our 12 day journey of Marys. And thanks to all of us who participated, too. I will miss the creativity that motivated me to post daily and to read everyone else's posts, too. Over the years on the Internet I have made many cyber friends and many of them I have met. And I hope to meet you one day, too. I hope you are having a great time in San Miguel de Allende. Love to you and to all your pilgrims.

peggy gatto

I had a wonderful 12 days, extra special.
Thank you all.


Many blessings to you dear one
this day and always.


And so ends another twelve days with Mary. Thank you, Rebecca, for this annual opportunity to show our lover for her. Best wishes as you sojourn in San Miguel Allende.


A wonderful 12 days.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Forest Dream Weaver

Thank you Rebecca,for your exquisite posts and for inviting me to join this journey.....have a wonderful time in San Miguel.



Thank you Rebecca and my travelers through these twelve days. This time and visits with each other has touched me deeply. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share in this way and learn as well. Sending you love Rebecca as you are surrounded by the beautiful city and people coming together for this occasion. XOXOXO

Cherry Chapman

Thank you Rebecca for the beautiful words of hope and Love, Our Lady of Guadalupe sends us.
I find her one of the sweetest of Black Madonnas. I live in Paris, France, and have a special devotion to Our Lady of Rocamadour. I have written about her in my own blog, A Psychotherapist in Paris,
Thank you also for the opportunity to connect with others who seek refuge in Her Maternal Tenderness. Continued blessings to you Rebecca, and may we all find roses in the snow.

Cherry Chapman

I am sincerely sorry that my above post mistakenly lead to my current blog post, Not the one I published on Rocamadour, which can be found in my achieves. It was published on September 10, 2012.
Please forgive my lapse that caused any confusion. Blessings.

Laura Hegfield

This is so beautiful Rebecca… I believe the same is true… miracles are often small, but every bit as miraculous as the big ones we sometimes hope for. And when we soften our hearts, open them compassionately see everyone through eyes of generosity and kindness, we see that everyone suffers from time to time and that there is goodness in each person.

Elaine Brightwater

Thank you

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