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November 24, 2013


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Even the frosted leaf speaks joy to me this morning!


{{ whilst you & ee cummings
were Here,
i have been with Picasso
hanging out
in the south of France

morning long ... }}

i know
i know

life is grand !!
BUT frost is on the pumpkin everywhere
it seems
i have entered this place twice ...

ha ha not my first time entering 2times,
dear one,
as you well know !!
fix it if you can
~~or not~~
other than that
i am pleased my computer is up
& working
what with a strong wind
force so strong
across my home's roof top
i shall soon curl up
with Earl Grey
a few fine memories
of some other tropical clime ...

~~the day is ours~~
stay warm my friend



Fabulous image,beautiful words.....thank you Rebecca!

Have a lovely week,

Wabi Sabi

What a beautiful image you shared today! Wishing you warmth and joy this November evening!


stunning shot, dear heart! good old e. e. who was ahead of his time with writing with no caps! I do love this poem.


this frost is visiting us all..even spf's!

hunkering down in the warmth of the studio today.


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