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November 25, 2013


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, how I would love to find Mary the Unexpected! ;)


the perfect receiver of this remarkable Mary!


dear nonnie,
we are all the perfect receivers as all i have found is this photograph and even just that, just knowing someone painted this lustrous pearl of a mary and left her on a coastal path is a gift for us all.


I remember the post you are referring to. The gift of the beautiful little painted shells. So lovely.


Oh I remember that post...and I believe she did it again too...So beautiful, thoughtful and magical. I always wonder who finds these little gifts. ♥ ♥ ♥

Robin aka Gotham Girl

So beautiful.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I don't remember this post and I am enchanted that this woman would make these beautiful mini-artworks for people to find. A friend of mine was driving up highway 1 in the Monterey area of CA and there was a piano by the side of the road that said, "Play me." Her husband took a video of her playing jazz with the cliffs and ocean over her shoulder. When done, the sign says, "Please cover me up when you're done." Another very creative way to connect us all with one another.


I am not sure which is more magical--to have been the person to find one of these treasures, or to have been the person to have thought to leave these treasures for others to find. Beautiful!


dearest rebecca, thank you for featuring my oyster shell virgin mary on this amazingly written post. i visit you often but hadn't this week obviously immersed in more creativity. my friend kathy wrote to me to tell me. what a surprise!
blessings, as always

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