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November 21, 2013


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The reassuring thing is that after the leaves have fallen, their bare limbs are there to lift up the sky along with the birds.

Mark M. Redfearn

Yes, of course! ;)

Susan Fox

How lovely to catch the shimmering light on these autumnal days, and what better way of reflecting it but to share here in haiku...x


Think I do both, falling and drifting on the breeze. But when the geese fly overhead there is that wish to soar, to fly! Wonderfully graphic photo and the Haiku id so very descriptive! Have grand weekend!


Your words are so beautiful, they lift me up!


You talk to the sky too? How very much alike we are!

Reading Pleasure

Your words put me up with the birds!

Laura Hegfield

I feel lifted on this rainy November morning… bare branches lifted towards heaven in praise of nurturing water. Thank you for your words as always wise Rebecca. It is NOT too late to add a few words of gratitude to this year's quilt if you feel so moved.


Seeking balance so I am both rising and falling as I inhale, exhale.


Beautiful Haiku and awesome photo Rebecca. Wonderful weekend to you.


Beautiful Haiku and photo. I will set myself in this place today, and try to recall it in days to come. Grandfather Sun shines here as well after an absence for many days. Seems like He takes a short vacation in November.
Thank you for giving us this place to honor Nature and each other.


Dawn @ AlterEgoMexicana

I lift like flying birds as I appreciate and enjoy the wonder of autumn's blessings! Such a beautiful picture and sentiment, Rebecca!

Wabi Sabi

Lift me up with the birds and with your wonderful words!


there is always something soulful and magical when one looks up...into the now barren branches, swarming birds, crayon colored sky... or up above an industrial skyline to the morning moon.



aaahhhhh ... YES !!

~~the world can B a cold stone~~
but i feel the warmth
me here ...

{{ i was held
to the earth this week
by ~~Computer Issues~~
took it as a sign
to Rest
UP ... }}

maybe just maybe
my computer
helping me
to find My Balance ...


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