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November 29, 2013


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Laura Hegfield

indeed it is Rebecca… thank you for keeping us all connected in this way. I do hope you'll visit the gratitude quilt, it is quite poignant this year.


yes Rebecca
this soft opening of the day
woke me and held me in her gentle arms

grateful for your friendship

Wabi Sabi

Oh it does, it does!!! Thank you!


Ah sacred like whipped cream on pie.


Love the food reference and gratitude combination in the words. Sweet and wonderful.


Reading Pleasure

Wonderful metaphor!

Susan Fox

Who can resist whipped cream on pie?
Who can resist this fluffed up fellow?
Who can resist you sweet Rebecca?


Beautiful imagery in both word and photo...especially like the whipped cream analogy!!! Yes a beautiful post!!!


Your words are soothing and happy, and Rebecca, I LOVE, LOVE that precious little dove photo, trying to huff all up and keep warm. Sweet!


I like what Gemma says about whipped cream being sacred. So is your haiku. Blessings, my friend.


Mmm, whipped cream and pie! Love that sweet little bird, tucked in against the winter's chill.


Hoping thankg iving was good here in Bekgium begin adventperiode this day,
nice picture bird and give peace

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