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November 15, 2013


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Swimming in honey sounds like such a sweet thing to do. May I join you? ;)


I'd like to touch those wings and lick my fingers.

Mark M. Redfearn

If I hold the Light, will I swim in honey and joy?


On my goodness!! Not only is the pictures breathtaking but you have captured its essence in the words...Absolutely lifts the soul!!!! Thank you!!!


Knowing how hard it is to get a good photo of birds in flight makes me appreciate this one even more. So glad to be a star in your sky!


{{ may
great featherings of hope
lift you
always }}


Reading Pleasure

'silhouettes of joy'! such a lovely line!

Laura Hegfield

"somewhere outside my dark dreaming

the birds begin.

layering the promise of each china blue morning

with their great feathering of hope."… Oh Rebecca, thank you for your words, for your observations, for the reminder of hope.

Kim Mailhot

Birds have been winging around me this week as well. I am off to buy a new bird feeder as the colder temps leave less for my friends to munch on. Their songs are so sweet.
Sending you love and light on wings, lovely One !


you lift me
like the light finding those fluttering wings



You Rebecca love have become the brightest star in this lightening sky.


the image of the birds is surreal! I have never encountered birds in that number so magically lit!
blessings, Nonnie

Wabi Sabi

It seems your birds, capturing that wonderful light, have captured my spirit as well. I am uplifted by your words and your glowing spirit! Thank you.


Hi Rebecca. This is an awesome haiku and love love love the photo of the birds. I am one with IE10, which worked until 2 weeks ago, so rather than d/l another I'll wait til they fix it. But I'll still visit you and the others. Again, this was beaufiful!

peggy gatto

Fluttering like leaves!!

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