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December 01, 2013


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{{ ha!
i did postcards !!

fear not
i shall BE back
with a Dear Mary
tomorrow ... }} xox

Hettienne Grobler

Oh I am so grateful to you dear Rebecca for these wonderful 12 days of sharing Mary love and am really looking forward to sharing in Loving Lupita, although I will be green with envy all the way I must admit!!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I thought you might not be doing 12 days this year because I know you are traveling. I'm off to church right now but will participate and post later today. Are you in San Miguel or Prescott?

peggy gatto

What better way to start off the month of December! Thank you!!!

Laurie Zuckerman

Ten days from now I will be nestling into the Casa Carmen Bed and Breakfast with my dear Rebecca Brooks, as she leads us all on her Loving Lupita tour. I will get to revisit some of my favorite churches of San Miguel de Allende, and hopefully photograph many more new Marys and Guadalupes. Today, and for the next few days I am sharing images I have posted before of the Sanctuario de Atotonilco, so you can have a taste of the grandeur we will be experiencing. Come along with us!


Thanks for the invitation, Rebecca - it inspired me to actually update my blog, which hasn't been worked on since July of this year!

Hoping all is well with you! xo


Thank you once again... yes. I will join you these twelve days... so different than this time last year... yet the message is the same... of choosing and honoring and always listening to our hearts... I love you dearly and will be thinking of you these coming days, more than ever. XO


bless you, dear Rebecca, for hosting this wonderful devotional again.
what a lovely image of Mary!


I had totally forgotten about this wonderful time of year, so I was surprised and delighted when I opened your page. I was on the road much of the day, so I'm posting late. Thank goodness, Mary never shows up late! :)

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

Thank you for sending out a 'reminder'! The days seem to move too swiftly for me, and I am happy once again, to join everyone in this beautiful 12 day trek!

Susan Fox

My Mary made it to the party, late but here! x


HOW she appears is much less important than THAT she appears!


I miss Virgin a Day and Mornings with Mary... God Bless you all.

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