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October 13, 2013


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Two more days and I'll be leaving on a jet plane to join you in paradise!!!


yippeee !!
i only wish i could B
there both weeks

but i aim to not B greedy
my best ...

{{ already i know
i shall miss meeting lulu
up there in the first posting }}

maybe next time
aren't we happy to know
that we can visit
san miguel
over and over again ...

thank goodness !!


me too...wishing I could join you!!!

that's my sweet Lola of course, my first gift from Greg

so sweet

dancing the catrina dance with you...over yonder

becca givens

Sounds like paradise for sure!

Deb Taylor

Can. Not. Wait.

Forest Dream Weaver

Fabulous joyful colours!

Have a lovely week,


I too savor San Miguel. Have a wonderful time. Much love to you and all @ Casa Carmen


How beautiful! I can't believe I will be teaching there in just a year from now!
xox roxanne

Sarah Fishburn


Hettienne Grobler

enjoy enjoy enjoy every moment as I know you will! what a treasure and blessing to be able to travel to that place of culture and colour! It is still on top of my dream list and dreams always come true!! SO keep on sharing as you inspire each one of us to work on our dreams. love you!!

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