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October 04, 2013


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Mark M. Redfearn

It's the wild singing that draws me back here week by week! :)


Lovely question. It's great to be in love with life again today!


Oh, here we are all again, lifting the veil of love!

Ramesh Sood

This a lovely Haiku, Rebecca.. Lift the Veil of Love..


I join you and your celebration of love, life and haiku today! It's good to be a member of the circle on this October day. Big hug from Holland Rebecca!

Deb Taylor

I will sing and dance with you soon


{{ it is like
you lifted the veil

my heart }}


Kim Mailhot

Sweet haiku love, Beautiful One.
Love and light to you !

Laura Hegfield

Inspiring as always dear Rebecca, thank you.

peggy gatto

I think his is my favorite!
Thank you!


May we all be brides
never a bridesmaid
to life.


a quick post...running to the hospital...

will check in later and update you.
you can delete the entry I did first.

crazy daze

Reading Pleasure

Simple but powerful haiku, Rebecca. Lovely weekend.

Robin aka Gotham Girl

...fall in love with your beautiful Rebecca. Always love coming here each Friday. Thank you.

Sue Fox

I accept, I accept your beautiful invitation,
forever in~love :~)xxx

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