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October 02, 2013


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Deb Taylor

no fear
i will meet you there
wait for me


October is my dear girls birthday month as well... I cherish this one

fear no art nor life


What a beautiful
post Rebecca and
beautiful son.

Sue Fox

I do love your stories...
thank you for sharing a little of
your closest heart connections...
fear no art ~ fear no sharing the heART!
Hugs x


Dear Art-filled Lady,
What an amazing mother you are! This wonderfully shared side of you in creating art has prompted a post in me. I will pray for NO FEAR of art, and other needs I have. thank you


October children never colour inside the lines... I know - I am one!


Tsk, tsk - when will schools ever learn!? I'm sure your son received the most important lessons of a good and happy, productive life, right there at home with a mother as wonderful as you!

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