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September 08, 2013


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{{ oh oh
the wee veins
in the little purple blossoms ...

the lovely peeling texture
on the clay garden pot ...

i can almost smell
the fine fragrance
over here ---> X

so many things ...

before you even
strike the match :: Perfection }}

my sunday morning ritual
is to examine
where my paradise blossomed
this week
i might appreciate it more.

thank you, dear one,
for the opportunity
to enjoy Life
~~even more~~
by sharing experiences

Deb Taylor

I am spinning dizzy here on this post. I have been wanting to make my own for years. But I just don't have enough in my garden. Will you bring one to me in SM, so I can savor the scents of your own home garden?? I always travel with one, to smudge my new lodging. xoxoxo


I believe I can smell that sage all the way over here! :)


Dipping my nose into those scents invigorates my entire body. Beautiful photographs as well. LOVE.




honestly...the sweet scent of the smoke carried all the way over here.

Busy weekend but I finally have something to share of my labor of love...



So beautiful these prayers that waft through the air... touching us all with your love... XO

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