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September 15, 2013


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Roz Cawley

Oh, Rebecca - the colours, the colours!! Recuerda mi Corazon has helped me to come alive in a vibrant way over the last few weeks - different colours from his colder northern climate, but I love to add to the already rich mix. Thank you, as ever, for your inspiration xxx


I will be thinking of you blooming and all the wonders of SM as I wander the streets of Havana...

love from water soaked Colorado

Kim Mailhot

What glorious jewels you have shared here today, Beautiful One ! My eyes and heart are singing with the colors and shapes !
Happy Sunday, Rebecca of my heart.


This is such a colorful post. Rebecca, you ALWAYS have such wonderful color in your life, whether it is spiritual or art. Always makes me happy to visit here. Have a good day. xo


{{ sometimes you just have to laugh !!
my own Postcard today
is about my Stellar Vision
and yet
and yet
and yet
i seemed to have SOME*HOW
signed in here twice !!
Ha !!
so much for my vision ... }}

you know i am over here
waving my arms frantically
"" ow ow, miss teacher lady ...
Pick Me
Pick Me !!""

ready to Go & Bloom & See
& on my return
i shall most*likely
write copious postings about Everything Said & Done
i am so happy life is
~~always always~~
about the light
about the vision
about the color
& sharing it


Sherry Smyth

Joining in this week...yesterday's post was ideal for this!!

Sue Fox

Alas I am a girl of simple means, but you two colourful blooms have inspired me to take an epic journey of my own.... come see x


Love. Flora inspires! Love this painting we watched emerge and love your new painting posted yesterday it is incredible Rebecca.

becca givens

Wonderful colors! Brightens my spirit!

Wabi Sabi

Your vibrant colors make my heart sing today!

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