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September 09, 2013


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When I'm in San Miguel in February, I'll look for the Oratorio and all that Mary-love!


This photo is my new favorite...
and your words...YUM.
You are Loved Rebecca♥♥

Hettienne Grobler

Thank you Rebecca - so happy to be hear with warm hearted Mary people!!


Thank you! my sweet singer of wish that you could pop in on Friday :)



{{ oh oh
i have High Hopes that some monday
i shall have my ~~Act Together~~
enough to share a Mary !!

as it is
i am still happily visiting
Postcards in Paradise ... }}


how so like Dear You
to connect & share
Stephanie's sacred art*work ...

i feel my soul is enriched
by the sharing
of such creative & giving artists ...

isn't life grand !!


what a warm glow that radiates from this wonderful Madonna!

peggy gatto

so beautiful!

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