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September 20, 2013


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Hi Rebecca, beautiful photo and poem! I never get tired of looking up at the clouds! Here's my first ever entry to Haiku my Heart. Thank you for this challenge!


Here I am:

Mark M. Redfearn

Glad to join you this morning!


ahhh yes Rebecca - what gifts you give us-with more thanks than words can say - xoxo Jeanine

Reading Pleasure

I love your haiku. Beautiful white clouds. Mine is here, also on clouds:


especially luv those clouds

much love


on or off the grid
are Here
with you, dear one ...
enjoy your Adventure !!

{{ moi :: }}

Wabi Sabi

I'm ready to follow the bread crumbs wherever they lead! Thank you! Here's my heart today:


Love the sweet spirit that blows in the wind in the land of enchantment. Breathe deeply and enjoy. xxloveyouxx

peggy gatto

I had clouds too!

enjoy the weekend ahead!


trying to post my link again, it didnt show up the first time


Deb Taylor

following your lead...

Sue Fox

Thanks for taking us with you to the land of enchantment under the same harvest moon :~)xxx


It's good to know such Edens still exist in this world...truly amazing sky and mountain.
Mr. Linky will be sorry he missed it!
♥ ♥ ♥


Sending you hearts and hearts and hearts.


I love the metaphor of 'bread crumbs'!
spectacular scene! sending hugs via the ethernet to you:


Looks like you are in good places... love the photo Rebecca! Although I don't have a haiku on my blog, but instead published a 'found poem'- I still like to come here and visit you guys. Gonna hop around a bit - enjoy your weekend dear ones!
(for the ones who are curious to my found poem, here's the link - but don't feel obligated as it is not a haiku! )

kerin rose

I just needed to stop by and say how gorgeous this is....! xo

Ramesh Sood

Lovely beautiful haiku..and I too got inspired to write something different on clouds..which anyone could have written...for sure..I enjoyed reading this and then writing that..


Ramesh Sood

My haiku here:

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