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September 12, 2013


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Mark M. Redfearn

I accept your invitation to loosen my dark cares and let them fall away! Thank you!

Wabi Sabi

Flowers always seem to have the power to call me to holiness - giving me courage to banish the darkness and bloom! Thank you, Rebecca!

Roz Cawley

I have come back from Wales - where I was born - filled with both visual and emotional inspiration. Now to put that inspiration into practice - to live more passionately indeed. Being part of a community such as this is so encouraging! xxx

Reading Pleasure

Each a moment a beautiful birth. Great haiku, Rebecca


The only rule is Love!
That morning glory is
the perfect color of holiness.
You are just perfect Rebecca,
letting loose the dark♥♥♥


And I almost forgot, Rebecca,
I have your book ready to post,
but I don't have a mailing
address for you.
I was having issues with my email,
so perhaps
you didn't receive my request.


In this moment, this very moment, I am welcoming a new birth!


I love that line... the blue bowl of morning... morning glories have always been one of my favorite flowers... one is blooming right now outside my window, kind of like the sky that we all share, beauty waiting to fill our cups, our Friday morning bowls with love... XOXOXO


Yes, to live like a flower. Engaging the sun every day anew. This is a fantastic way to imagine a life, and can be put into practice as a habit. Thank you for the beautiful photo and thought through your haiku.



This beautiful Morning Glory is as luminous as the blue bowl we are under. LOVE you dearest Rebecca


love love love

i don't have a haiku today but just stopped in to soak up the love light....beautiful day to you, miss rebecca


peggy gatto

So happy to be back with all of you!
Looking forward to visiting you all!
Thanks rebecca for the morning beauty of words and flower!

Andrea thompson

This photo is stunning, the way the center glows and shines outward is amazing and fits perfectly with your haiku, i have scrolled back twice already to see that photo again!


first of all, I've given thought to the name of this flower! I can remember saying that to my daughter at the beginning of the day, how joyous she was! my 2nd thought, how the Morning Glory is open, ready for the day. I am trying to do the same, with the help of you and the many contributors here.


Beautiful photo and haiku! Thank you for your weekly haiku challenge! :)

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