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September 26, 2013


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Sue Fox

Crimson leaves are falling here too, summer is hard to leave behind when the sun shone so brightly this year...
missing you. x

Mark M. Redfearn

To be swallowed by summer isn't the worst thing that could happen. Remember Jonah? :) Welcome back! We missed you as you were gallivanting around Arizona! Hope you enjoyed the journey.

Laura Hegfield

I surrender, with inner grace. What a beautiful offering you've shared in words and image Rebecca. Yes, I surrender.

Deb Taylor

letting go
free falling
flying up

Dawn @ AlterEgoMexicana

Isn't that the truth...that both summer itself and people, too, want it to last forever! Alas, we can only embrace these last few longish, warmish days with reverence and joy, before surrendering...


Enjoying bright moments and surrender as seasons change. LOVE you.


{{ falling into Fall
in my florida garden ...

the very first morning
i can feel
a New Season
Approaching ::

a new season for
being in the present moment ...

thank you, dear one,
for opportunities }}


Letting myself fall into life again...


Wabi Sabi

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post today. It lifted me up in ways you can not imagine!

Kim Mailhot

So glad the season, the moment has brought me back to jump into the joy of Haiku My Heart.
You are an Artist extraordinaire, Rebecca. I love what you bring to the world.
Light and love to you, Beautiful !


what an amazing poem. i love stopping by to see how you are honoring life.
love that photo.

Reading Pleasure

Beautiful post, Rebecca, as always.

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca..for creating this wonderful space.. it's always a pleasure to be here...have written for HMH and also shared one..specifically a haiku to tell about "dry leaf" as my second contribution here.. please do visit..


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