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September 14, 2013


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Karen Gerstenberger

I signed up to see if I could win one of the free spots in the class - told her that I found her because of you, dear Rebecca. It makes me so happy to see what you've discovered in your own beautiful heart through Flora's teaching! Blessings to you!

Sherry Smyth

I signed up -- I've been thinking about doing this course every time Flora offers it and I never do...but THIS time...I did! Really quite excited to see what's inside me that wants to get out!

Sue Fox

Sounds and looks like a beautiful adventure...
Kundalini rising while crow watches on...
this inspires my spirit to let the paint flow again...!
Hugs x

Deb Taylor

Oh Rebecca, your flight here is amazing !
~ walking on water, flying while standing on solid ground ~ those words absolutely slay me

I love you


gorgeous!!! and what a fantastic video! i can see why you are flying, i would love to join you there...xo enjoy


I can't wait! And I can not wait to SEE you in four days, those are the fingers counting the days, hours, and minutes on just one hand!!!! This portrait that you did... it is a self portrait of you dancing in the courtyard at Casa Carmen, is it not??? Oh how I love dancing with you in all the ways we do!!! XOXOXO

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