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August 11, 2013


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You are the consummate coaxer of divinity! :)

Roz Cawley

My first 'sharing visit' to your Sunday 'Postcards From Paradise' - hopefully the first of many! xx

Laurie Zuckerman

OMG!!! I have loved these munecas for years, and have many myself. Years ago in Albuquerque, in a little antique shop, I rescued a calaca mold, like the molds you pictured. Such a treasure. Such a dream to visit this village of doll makers!!


Good morning, Rebecca. As always, you have introduced us to something new (for me anyway). These little dolls remind me of the Frozen Charlottes that I have collected since childhood. I love their large and wide open eyes.


familiar and happy happy territory here!! and I see my lovely little of which was the first gift Greg gave to me...Lola...35 years ago.

love you!

becca givens

Old folk dolls and paper mache has always fascinated me!! Thank you for sharing these delights!

Hettienne Grobler

I just love visiting here - I always learn something new which enriches my life and my world!!

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