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August 25, 2013


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I can see you there hiding in the flowers. What joy to watch this loving family bond.

Forest Dream Weaver

Rebecca,your photos are so so beautiful.
Thank you.....have a brilliant week!


Roz Cawley

It brings me peace to visit these doves and enter their still, small, tranquil world today - very lovely, Rebecca xxx

Deb Taylor

I found Paradise in the lines of a song
this week as I was prompted to visit some photos of a short time ago....
only one year.
How times are a changing.

I long for the winds of change, as we plant our feet deeper and deeper into the shores of our life here, by The Sea.

~ diggin in ~

"Wings of a Dove" by Nanci Griffith is where I will fly to right now


such a beautiful nurturing sight...this mourning dove family

our yard, usually filled with birdsong is strangely silent as we have a family of hawks that have settled in for a few days.


Barbara @

Your photos are touching my heart. Especially the last photo. It looks as though they are hugging one another. A fantastic look into the lives of doves. Breathtaking


Thank you Rebecca for these soft coos of love and this drink of summer rain...


Slowing down to listen to the voice of essential to life!

becca givens

What a wonderful post. :)


Ohh that's beautiful, such moving words with such lovely pictures.

Thank you for gladdening my heart with such sweet happiness.

Are the doves Morning doves? We don't have that kind in the UK but they are very beautiful especially their turquoise eye ring.

Best wishes



{{ oh
those blue~rimmed eyes }}

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