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August 18, 2013


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Deb Taylor

Oh my Dear Heart, True Friend...
this makes my heart sing...I want to run to you.
Thank you for your love and support!!

Kim Mailhot

I am lucky enough to be taking part in the Mish Mash Magic already. Deb shares her heart, creativity and spirit so freely and generously. It is a true gift.
Like your sweet loving too, Beautiful Rebecca.
Much love to you in your corner of paradise.

Roz Cawley

Still inspired by your invitations to create, Rebecca - so much that I have created a separate blog for PfP. Now I'm drawn to investigate 'Mish Mash' - oh, what a delicious invitation to ramble your postings are - Thank you!

Deb Taylor

My favorite memory of an inspiring friend is the one who reached out to me one day and personally invited me to San Miguel. My feet were lifted off the ground, as she encouraged me to attend her Folk Art Tour. Her heart is as big as the Universe and her name is Rebecca Brooks. Thank you for being a generous, inspiring, devoted artist and friend. My life is richer with you inside of it.

Account Deleted

My first memory of an inspiring friend is the one who reached out to me and invited me to her house for a retreat with a gathering of women. Her energy was captivating and she radiated a happiness that lifted you up just being in the same room. This retreat and her inspired me and changed my life in such a good way. Her name is Deb Taylor she if full of light and I am so excited she is starting Mish Mash so other women can be filled with her contagious energy too. Love and Light, Dawn Vander Stoep


{{ fabulous times 10 !!
i feel more child*like
just reading this posting,

goodness !!

i hope i WIN
but i will try
not to B too *Deb*greedy*
i have High Hopes
to see you BOTH
in SMA


for some fine inspiration ...

my fav friend
of the past few years has been
~~Ms. Internet~~
as she is how
i have discovered
so many of My Tribe,
those of you who inspire me
to write more dancing poetry
to draw more wavy lines
to paint more color splashes ...

when one lives
in a small rural
florida town--
like moi--
meeting other artists
~~Who Get You~~
can B difficult
sometimes ...

having met In*Person
so many long-time blogging friends,
i feel i am a winner
this very moment ♥ }}

mish mash, indeed !!


yes yes!!! feel so very fortunate to have held this creative dynamo...


happy happy SUNday my dear friends!!!



Fantastic! DEB ROCKS! No need to add my name to the draw as I too am lucky enough to be playing Mish Mash with Deb in September. Going to be fun!

Sue Fox

How good can it get!
so many yummy comments here,
the most inspiring place in the world
shared with friends
like somepink flowers popping up giving a
splattering of joy,
especially on the beach
then there's Ms Mailheart,
spreading love wherever
her pebbles lay, near and far...
and of course Mrs Mish-Mash herself,
what can I say ~
photographer extraordinaire...
then of course there is you
my love,
that says it all
'my love'
you were there for me from early days when
bloggy friends were few,
you held my hand
now I'm a time served blogger
you don't hold my hand quite so tightly
and like the stars
I don't always see you but
I know you are there!
Shining brightly not only for me but all who wander your way....
hugs x


This looks great. I would love to participate in this course. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

becca givens

What a joyful and delightful post. Thank you for sharing!:)


What a lovely post! And I just signed up for Deb's workshop, I think I need some mish mash magic!

kerin rose

Oh, how I would love to play!.....I have not had an inspiring friend in a while....very different environment than I am used to...not so 'free'...but I try to be me, regardless, and like one of the other commenters, have found my tribe in the little box!.....thank you for this opportunity, both of you!


An inspiring friend came into my life earlier this year. She has created this online community for women to come and share their stories and find a safe space to heal from the wounds life has inflicted. She and I traveled to Moldova earlier this year and the way she embraced and loved the women we served, made me want to be a much better person. Love her for that gift she gave me.

Deb herself is a huge inspiration. Some day I want to be as comfortable in my skin and full of as much joy as she is. She's awesome and I would love a chance to win a spot in this class.


Sweet gentle Misty Mawn inspired me to paint faces, and to practice, practice, practice.

Later Katie Kendrick was moved to tears by one of my paintings, which inspired to me reach deep into the heart and paint what I feel.

Deb's joie de vivre is a constant inspiration to laugh, to have fun, and to wiggle my toes in the sand.

Art Pants

In college I had a friend who lived and breathed the present moment. She inspired me to bask on the lawn on beautiful spring days with her, reading the Tao of Pooh. She was a remedy to my ever-anxious, perfectionistic state of being and taught me how to relax and simply enjoy being. I am forever grateful to my Michella Bella.


Beautiful! I love Deb.


There's a saying "If you're lucky enough to have a house by the water, you're lucky enough". Well, if you're lucky enough to live and create beside Deb every week, you're more than lucky enough! That is the pleasure I not only know this soul-full, magic making, and art-filled woman, but to also share paint, paper, beads, thread, photos, giggles, dreams, wishes, love and joy with her!
Deb Taylor is authentic and genuine...creative and edgy...gracious and spirited and comfortable in her own skin.
I am so blessed to have met Deb, my world is so much MORE because of her!
I'm already lucky enough...can't wait to wake up every day starting September 1st to MISH MASH with Deb!
I hope you all will be there, too!

Mary Gordon

My inspiring friend was actually my dad. I have many moments, but one of my favorites is when I finally got my horse and we were boarding him on pasture about 2 miles from our suburban home. I could not catch that horse! One rainy day I came home frustruted affter failing to catch Sunny again. My dad said he'd go try. About an hour later there a knock at the front door. There was my dad sitting bareback on my horse wearing his wing tipped shoes and dress work clothes. Both were soaking wet. The horse looked astonished as being on my porch. My dad (Not a horseman...he was a jeweler) had caught my horse, ridden him over a major overpass into our neighborhood just to surprise me. "I told you I'd catch him" he said.

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