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August 19, 2013


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Laurie Zuckerman

OH!!! What scrumptious color, Rebecca. Thank you for this beautiful jolt of Mary on a Monday morning. I can't wait to meet this wonderful, wonderful Mary on our sojourn to San Miguel for your Loving Lupita tour.


I believe you have taken me to her side many times...without me taking one footstep. ♥♥♥


Oh my goodness, this is magnificent! How beautiful she is. Thank you for this.
Gloria :)

Roz Cawley

I SO lusted after these mannequins when was in Lisbon - seen and available in the most expensive antique shops only. Now I can feast my eyes upon them here. Delicious!

Fran aka Redondowriter

You have used this amazing image before and it never fails to move me deeply. I love how you captured the statue from several angles and for me it's like experiencing sorrow from several different view points. Thank you for all that you do. I hope Loving Lupita is filling up. I've given a lot of thought to attending, but I don't think it can happen this year because I'm taking a two week trip in September and I still work three days a week. But, I haven't ruled it out.


This Mary looks like one expects of a mother who shoulders so many heartbreaks of her children.
I feel blessed to know your spiritual being through this site.


It is the open heart that continues to draw me in ...

Hettienne Grobler

aaaaahhh loving lupita so awesome!! I am still in the loop for going with you - just waiting on some finance news :D - so sad I missed Monday with Mary - will be back next week, blessings


what a beautiful santo rebecca? is she mexican? when i visited oaxaca and guanajuato the thing i did the most was visit the churches to see all the amazing religious statues. i collect religious art, especially ex votos and small paintings from peru and the phillipines.
much love to you, until next monday.

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