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August 05, 2013


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So many Marys! So much love!


What a gorgeous collection of photos!
You blog should be a coffee table book Rebecca,
just so scrumptious♥♥♥


Sending LOVE to you this day dear Rebecca.

Laurie Zuckerman

KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF!!! What thrilling photos you have posted this morning. I feel like I am seeing color for the very first time.


I feel very colorful looking at all these beautiful photos. I love that cup. Beautiful photos. Thank you. Have a wonderful day sweet Rebecca.


You and Laurie together = PERFECT TRIP!!!!


Marys, Marys everywhere. So happy to be joining with you again today.

Maggie Grace

I love the word pilgrimage. I guess whenever we seek her out, it's a pilgrimage? I did feel like Sedona was a pilgrimage but had used the term spirit quest. Mary was a part of it. Hope my contribution is seen as healing powers of Mary more than the other content. It went with the photo.

Hettienne Grobler

This specific pilgrimage of love is on top of my wish list - thank you for enriching my life and feeding my soul with your blog memes and your beautiful images and writing!


These colors are magnificent. I love these pictures! I didn't get to spend a morning with Mary this time but coming here makes up for it.

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