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August 12, 2013


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Treasure that tiny petal...forever.

Hettienne Grobler

I believe in magic - maybe the fact that I am first is a sign of me being able to join you! What a feast of a blogpost - one has to drink in every word, every pause, every image!!! thank you for feeding my soul!


Dear Rebecca,
I don't know where to begin or end here today,
my heart is just flooded with gratitude,
knowing that all is right in my world... the kismet of FEELING
connected in spirit to such a magical soul as YOU...I am for ever in awe.
Such a beautiful work of art, your shrine.
I visited the link
and heard the song
I hold in such esteem playing...
truly blessed am I told see such miracles.
Love to you♥♥♥

Roz Cawley

'imagine, being painted with prayer infused rose petals for eternity' - oh, what a wonderful image (and a contrast with the 'penitence-hard bed!). I feel as if I have been there with you.


Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images. Your shrines is magnificent.::hugs::

Fran aka Redondowriter

Breathtaking photos and description of visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was a long time ago when I visited there and I remember being a little overwhelmed by all the tourists. It was at least 30 years ago and my spirituality was not as finely tuned as it is today. We did not visit Juan Diego's birthplace. By reading your wonderful words, I experience it again, in a more meaningful way, than I did then.

Maggie Grace

Your writing has me in tears...the good kind. So beautiful...your writing and the experience. And to still have that rose ♥

Laurie Zuckerman

This simply has to be the best shrine I have seen you make, Rebecca. I have always loved your "Serving Mary" shrines, but I don't remember this one. I just happened to have posted about Our Guadalupe and Juan Diego myself this morning. Love your personal history of Mexico that you shared today. Thank you, I feel blessed!!


This is a beautiful story straight from the depths of your heart. Thank you for sharing it. Your shrine is awesome!

Sue Fox

May I blaze alongside you on the Mary path forever, heart in heart! :~)xxx


the outpouring of words of faith and love
stir in me almost an explosion of gratitude
of finding you on the web!
I too would have been disappointed in a modern building that has the privilege of holding such a sacred object.
thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your gifts of writing and art.

OldOldLady of The Hills

These are all very beautiful images----the detail in them is exquisite. And what you wrote is very fascinating and moving, too. Lovely, Lovely Post!

peggy gatto

How divine!!

Laura Hegfield

I feel enchanted and spirit infused by your memory Rebecca. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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