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August 22, 2013


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I stand before this welcoming door and with all my heart, and step through and over the threshold into my true blue self... Never, ever alone in this house of belonging... Thank you Rebecca for your wise words that resonate in my heart forever... I love you dearly and so appreciate this circle of haiku that ripples out into the world... XOXOXO


I stand before this welcoming door, and with all my heart step through and over the threshold into my true blue self... never ever alone in this house of belonging... Thank you Rebecca for your wise words. I love you dearly and so appreciate this haiku circle that ripples out into the world... XOXOXO

Sue Fox

Your words are serendipitous! Today I have a heavy heart standing before many doors, which one to go through? I must trust and my ask my 'true self' the questions you have posed to reveal which door! Thank you and hugs. x

Mark M. Redfearn

No doors before me that I know of, but I still appreciate your words. Thank you.

Andrea thompson

Beautifully put, i have always loved door images, so many possibilities represented, and yours is wonderful to dwell on this morning! Thanks!


That is profound wisdom. The process is simple, yet society has bombarded us with the alternative. Makes me think this is what John Lennon had in mind when he said that we could "Imagine".

Much peace sent your way to sooth your beautiful soul.

Wabi Sabi

So very wise, your words this morning! Every moment is a door to expanding, to growing the love in one's heart. May every door you open let the Light shine on you!

Laura Hegfield

So beautifully expressed Rebecca, may we all feel welcomed in the doorway that is every moment.

Dawn @ AlterEgoMexicana

I have always loved the "another door opens" concept, but the way you put trumps so clear and true. Yes, it would be nice if it were so simple...but really, if we could get out of our own way, it is! Beautiful!


swoooooning over that door !!
{{ you knew i would }}

if only
if only

all doors came
with teeny*tiny windows
we could look thru them
a wee bit
opening ...


Just so beautifully and simply stated Rebecca...

I am drawn to this blue door and know it would be the right choice


What you say is so true,Rebecca
obvious really,
common sense.
But you know the thing about common sense...
we have to be reminded
to choose love
over fear.
Extraordinary photo...
blue and green door
Earth Door.

Roz Cawley

Oh, that reminds me of many of the palazzo doors in Venice. Um - *is* it a door in Venice? if so, what magical mysteries may lie behind it! City of my dreams and enchantments where I have had such adventures! (Now you have enticed me into wanting another one!)

Beautiful post, Rebecca xxx


Whether it is easy or not to choose which door to open....we must always follow the wisdom of our hearts. My LOVE to you dearest Rebecca.


dear roz,
you are so perceptive! a friend came to visit and share photographs from her recent trip to venice. i was drawn to this blue timeless door, where one must step up from the water of their subconscious to enter and move towards the light of welcoming.
she generously shared her photo so i could include it here. late last night another friend called so honestly share a current situation where she wished in retrospect she had made other choices.
through both friends generosity this post was born. there are many times we stand on the bottom steps, feet submerged in murky water still striving for the light. i just love the line that came to me while comforting my friend, love trumps everything! so to all my friends, a gentle reminder to trust your heart, to walk with light.

peggy gatto

Reminds me of a card my aunt sent me years ago when I was going into the hospital. It said
"Fear knocked at the door, but no one answered."


love the blue door with green (algae?)! standing before it right now, I hesitate to walk through because I am praying that the Holy Spirit will fill my head with the right words to say to a beloved granddaughter.

Reading Pleasure

that is a lovely thought, Rebecca


Beautiful, just beautiful

Deb Taylor

Oh how I would love to walk thru that door with you

Robin aka Gotham Girl

Oh my...the colors in this capture are breathtaking as is the haiku. Beautiful Rebecca!

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