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August 09, 2013


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May the feathery contemplations prove fruitful!


This is a most beautiful haiku...
I know exactly what you feel.
Thinking does weigh you down,
to not think...
well, that would make you ordinary.
And we all know
you are the most extraordinary.
everything is as it should be.
Love you♄

Wabi Sabi

You and I must have connected somewhere in the air this morning, breathing together the truth that 'everything exists in every moment'! Such blessings!


Very beautiful Rebecca. So simple, and yet so profound, the idea of the natural world being here, steady. What we bring to the table in regards to adding to this "Love" that nature ALWAYS gives us, pales in comparison, yet that simple task of realizing it exists can save the world. Just beautiful.

Much Peace sent your way

Deb Taylor

needed this
wanting to taste the lightness of just being

Robin aka Gotham Girl

Everything in your post resonates with me. The haiku is so touching and oh how I love the quote. When I'm in Arizona, I always get up early and head out into the desert to photograph. Three mornings in a row I would see the most beautiful owl. Then a few mornings later the most incredible feather was at my front door. A gift. I cherish it so. Thank you for your beautiful gift.


We've found a lot feathers lately. I think they are a sign of angel visits....but stoic Lee told me the birds are molting. LOL


hope you are able to be light as a feather each morning...

so happy that it is Friday!
love and light to you


Brave and beautiful! Love your wonderful words, Rebecca. The sound of a "christening song" makes me feel good. Happy Friday.

Reading Pleasure

Today, when |I heard the 'christening song' of the birds, my heart lifted up. Wonderful haiku. Have a blessed weekend, Rebecca


Wonderful thoughts conveyed in your haiku today Dear Rebecca!! My feather-brained mind is feeling buoyant once more after a bumpy ride!!

Cheers and lots of smiles!!

Andrea thompson

I love to contemplate feathers, how beautiful! Glad it lifted you to a new perspective!


Love the way you have used a feather to illustrate your heart's feelings. Beautful!


I am so, so late... thank you for holding this door of love open for me, for welcoming us no matter where we are... such a paradox to be spirit, and to be this flesh, this breath of air and weight upon this earth... so grateful for wings to fly... so grateful for you.


Lay back a dreaming
She finds the truth and smiles
Falling feathers reign

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