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August 30, 2013


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Mark M. Redfearn

A heart unfastened can be a dangerous--or delightful--thing!


{{ always
it is about The Light }}

Laura Hegfield

beautiful offering as always dear Rebecca... it seems light is a valued topic today:-)

Roz Cawley

Such a particular quality to the light here ta the moment - that soft, golden early autumn light that always touches my heart in a certain way - fills it with ennui but also a relaisation of life turning, turning, turning. Thank you for your stimulating post, as always, dear Rebecca xx


they are radiant images! I hope that you're able to rectify your computer situation soon. I'd be lost any more because of all the necessary chores I do on it. bonne chance!

Deb Taylor

Holy Goodness!!
Thank you Rebecca for shining and sharing my light!
And congratulations to Makeda!!
It is going to be a September to remember!


My mind is twirling at the thought of a heart unfastened. It must be exciting.


Beautiful words with this post. I wish I could participate with Deb but my camera bit the dust last week. And my ISP was out for the last two days. Geesh! Do you think it's the moon??

Bless you Rebecca. :)


welcoming this light...this morning...

hoping that your computer woes are by now history

jean,light and hearts...i am a lucky one who has it all shining upon her...xo dear rebecca, i count you among them...mish mash sounds de-light-full...i'm off to cuddle with my family and friends for the weekend then it's off to the sophmore year of high school for my son and i'll have to get back into that early morning schedule for for this weekend, i'm sleeping in the summer moon light...i love your heart of light pics...gorgeous

Wabi Sabi

I am so grateful to be able to receive your light today and every Friday!

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca....we bask in your light...and it feel so right...


Reading Pleasure

beautiful swirl of gracious lights

Poet Laundry

It's been awhile since I've been here, so good to come 'round. Delightful, inspiring and lovely words and photos as always!


All of us who gather here are drawn to your light Rebecca. Thank you for sharing your amazing words and light with us.
Also looking forward to playing in the light with Deb next month.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I can't wait to play with you Deb. it's gonna be such fun


Oh Rebecca, thank you for leading me to Deb and her workshop! This is a beautiful post.


Deb is such a shining light... you can see her through every nook and cranny of the letters in your haiku and post... hope your computer begins behaving, but I must say... it is the perfect opportunity for you to bask in the beauty around you... your love is always here wrapping around us all. Thank you for having us here to share our poetry and love of each other... XOXOXOXO

Ramesh Sood

Dear All my friends at Haiku My Heart..I invite you to visit my 800th post and bless me and my writings..



Robin aka Gotham Girl

This is absolutely a stunning post! Just returned from Dublin and getting caught up. And congrats to my friend Makeda for the win! Can't wait to join Deb in her next round!

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